Solo-Walkies  20$


  • 30min walk in your neighborhood +brain game or other activity.  

  • or 30min Dog park visit 


A solo walk is best for;


Puppies learning to walk politely on leash


Dogs that have had negative interactions with other dogs and might be nervous or fearful


Dogs that need additional care after the walk (food, meds etc.)


  The solo walk is a service that we will totally customize to your dog’s needs





Group Walkies  20$

  • 60 minute walk in a neighborhood of our choosing or dog park run.

  • Maximum of 4 dogs per group         

A group walk is best for;


Hyperactive dogs who need to burn off a lot of energy


Highly social dogs who need to be around other dogs to be happy

The group walkies is also a great way to enrich your dog's sensory needs we make sure to visit a variety of different neighborhoods and parks


Mt. Bruno Trek 20$

  • Minimum 45min walk on National Park Mont Saint-Bruno. 

  • Maximum of 4 dogs per group         

    Day-Camp is best for;

High energy dogs that require physical AND mental stimulation to be happy. 


This formula provides a heavy dose of mental, physical and social stimulation.